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::character background::

Rose Tyler is a normal 19 year old girl; she works in a department store, has a boyfriend and lives with her Mum in their London flat.

Life for her was fairly uninteresting until one day a mysterious stranger showed up and pulled her to safety as a crowd of automated plastic dummies surrounded her, and he quickly disappeared again after blowing up the shop where she worked.

After he turned up on her doorstep the next day, searching for the Auton hand she had as a "souvenir", she became intrigued as to who he was. Only when faced with death as a plastic version of her headless boyfriend chased her and this stranger, Doctor Who, did she take refuge inside his box, and after their first adventure together fighting the Nestene Consciousness, she ditched life as she knew it for a life of space and time travel, throughout the entire universe, past, present and future!

OOC: The way I'm writing Rose, she's decided to take some time off from travelling with the Doctor, before the events of Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways. She's completely canon up until then, though. If you have any questions, let me know. :)
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