Rose Tyler (xrosetylerx) wrote,
Rose Tyler

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Duck pond, Monday afternoon.

Rose was sitting on a bench near the ponds, playing with a small tree branch. She'd been a little down lately, really missing The Doctor more than she cared to admit to anyone, especially Maia. It wasn't fair for her to talk to Maia about this, y'know? I mean, how do you tell the most important person in your life, "Oh, yeah. I miss runnin' about the universe and all sorts of time, and gettin into trouble, and really I just miss the Doctor, and would you mind if I rang him and disappeared with him for a bit? Only be a sec, but it could accidentally turn out to be a year, but I won't tell you that so you won't worry like mum did."

She tossed the branch and it landed a few feet away from her, scaring the ducks. "Oh, sorry babies," she said, her voice gentle. Rose needed to find a way to get out of this funk, and fast.

She just didn't know how.
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