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Rose and Maia's apartment, Tuesday afternoon.

She'd been back maybe an hour, and she'd already checked everywhere she thought Maia might be. Rose missed her so much. She'd been gone about six months, but Maia wouldn't need to know that. As far as Maia was concerned, she'd only been gone overnight, and maybe that was for the best.

How do you explain to the love of your life that you've been hit with a transmat beam, abducted by Daleks, rescued by the Doctor (who she had missed OH SO MUCH and don't even get her started on Lynda, thanks), who promptly sent her back to her mum -- and that wasn't fun to explain. Wanted to sit there eating chips. Honestly. But both she and Mickey had helped her, knew this was for the best, knew this what what she needed to do -- so she'd found a way to get back to him, although it meant taking the Heart of the Tardis inside her.

She was the Bad Wolf. She was the one had to protect her Doctor from the False God, the Emperor Dalek. Erased them all from time and space. Brought death, and brought life. And very nearly burned away doing it. But it was what she had to do. Had to save him, had to get to him. And even though he's changed now, he's still her Doctor. Always will be. And there'll be time for adventures, time for him to come visit. But now she had to get used to the fact that he wasn't the same Doctor she first met, even though he was.

And now she had to get to Maia.
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